JO Tri Me Triple Pack Flavors


JO’s Tri-Me Triple Packs offer a selection of our best-selling formulas, perfect for enhancing intimate moments. The Flavors pack includes H2O Succulent Watermelon, H2O Tropical Passion, and H2O Strawberry Kisses – delightful fruit-flavored lubricants.

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The JO Tri-Me Triple Packs highlight a range of our most popular formulas from our well-loved collections. Whether used on their own or combined in any way you desire, they can elevate every intimate moment into a thrilling and sensual experience. The Tri-Me Triple Packs – Flavors include our highly favored water-based, fruit-infused lubricants: H2O Succulent Watermelon 30ml, H2O Tropical Passion 30ml, and H2O Strawberry Kisses 30ml.
Key Features
  •  Silky-Smooth Feel
  •  Comforting Glide
  •  Smooth Finish
  •  Easy To Clean
  • No Sugar Added
  •  Non-Staining
  •  Great for Solo or Partner Play
  •  Compatible with Most Toys and Condoms
  •  Made in the USA