Master Series Pleasure Poker Textured Glove


Experience ultimate versatility with this textured glove—a must-have in your sexual toolkit! Perfect for solo or partnered play, use it for fingering, stroking, massaging, or spanking. Each finger offers a unique sensation during anal play, from smooth and tapered to bold ridges and more. The palm features a zig-zag tread for added excitement in masturbation. Spice up your intimate moments with a sensual massage or enhance your spankings. This double-sided glove fits both hands and is compatible with silicone and water-based lubricants.

We would highly recommend using a water-based lubricant with your product.

If you are sensitive and prone to infections or get skin irritations with bubble baths and soaps, then a water-based lubricant from our Pjur Med Range is an excellent choice.

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Be sure to wash your toy with a good Toy Cleaner that will protect both you and your toy.


This textured glove is so versatile that it may become a staple in all of your sexual experiences! So many ways to use… finger, stroke, massage, or spank. Whether you are playing solo or with a partner, this glove will show you love!

Each of the five fingers is uniquely shaped for a range of sensations during anal insertion: smooth and tapered, bold ridges, penis-shaped, raised nubs, or bulbed with subtle ribbing.

The palm has a zig-zag tread that brings extra excitement to masturbation.

Give your lover a sensual massage with the variety of textures or add a new element to your spankings! This double-sided glove works on both hands and is compatible with silicone and water-based lubricants.


8.25 inches in length,

1 inch at widest diameter, unstretched.

Fabric: TPE.