Dame Aer Suction Toy | Periwinkle


Unlock ecstasy with Aer Suction Toy: Oral stimulation, powerful arousal, and customizable pleasure in one sleek device.


The Aer Suction Toy is designed for those who seek the ultimate orgasm through oral stimulation. This powerful arousal tool doesn’t vibrate but uses air pulses for a unique thrill. Mimicking tongue flutter and mouth suction, Aer creates a soft seal around the clitoris, ideal for quick climaxes or jump-starting pleasure. Made of medical-grade lilac silicone, it’s waterproof with a soft-touch texture and flexible opening. With five patterns and intensity levels, it’s rechargeable via USB, offering 1.5 hours of playtime on max intensity. Ergonomic, attractive, and versatile, it’s crafted with the user in mind for an ecstatic experience.