Hot Twilight Women Pheromone Spray 15ml


Hot’s Twilight Pheromone eau de parfum is subtly aromatic, and its pheromones have an irresistible erotic appeal for men, ensuring you stand out when you enter a room. Scientifically proven, pheromones elicit attraction in both genders. This fine perfume, enriched with pheromones and a stylish, feminine note, effortlessly draws men in with just a couple of sprays.


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This Twilight Pheromone eau de parfum by Hot has a subtle, aromatic scent. The pheromones in the spray exert an irresistible erotic attraction on men and you certainly won’t go unnoticed when you walk into a room!

Pheromones are chemical substances that can make someone feel attracted to someone else. It’s been scientifically proven that both men and women have a specific preference for a certain type of pheromones.

Fine Perfume enriched with pheromones and a feminine note full of style. A couple of sprays and men will be attracted to you as if by magic!