Rocks-Off Touch of Velvet RO-90mm Bullet


Aim for bliss with the Touch of Velvet 90mm Bullet Vibrator. Indulge in precise stimulation with its extended shaft and deep vibrations. With 3 speeds and 7 patterns, it’s perfect for solo or shared pleasure. Fully waterproof for bath-time fun.


Indulge in the Touch of Velvet 90mm Bullet Vibrators from Rocks Off Toys. Its extended shaft reaches those neglected hot spots with precision, delivering deep vibrations that evoke intense climaxes. Use it sideways for focused stimulation, or let your partner hold it against your clitoris for shared ecstasy. The tapered tip ensures targeted pleasure, while 3 speeds and 7 vibration patterns cater to your desires. Fully waterproof, this vibe adds a revitalizing touch to bath or shower time, offering divine explosions of pleasure with every use.

With its rounded tip, you’ll enjoy precision stimulation for both internal and external pleasure. It’s even waterproof, perfect for water-based lube play.

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Aqua Lily, Soft Lilac