Lux Fetish Peek A Boo Mask


Adjustable black blindfold with velvety touch, 100% polyester. Peekaboo mask feature unique and limited design. They are meant to be worn with pride, hopefully, will brighten someone’s day!


Blindfolds are a couples play essential that easily blends into your bedroom attire. The Lux Fetish Peek-A-Boo Love Mask in a sophisticated black color is perfect for matching your relaxing pajamas or your sexiest lingerie styles. Featuring a soft velvet lining, this blindfold rests over the eyes comfortably with dual elastic straps that keep the blindfold securely in place. A blindfold isn’t just for helping you get some sleep; the Lux Fetish Peek-A-Boo Mask removes your sense of sight, which leads to a heightened sense of touch. Incorporate this mask into your couples’ play to enhance foreplay and open the door to other forms of sensory play. Surprise your blindfolded partner with the touch of different materials, temperatures and even taste.


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