Pjur Aqua Panthenol


The Pjur Aqua Panthenol is a fantastic premium water-based personal lubricant with nurturing, regenerative panthenol.

Trusted Pjur products offer only the ultimate in pleasure and comfort, adding a little extra to ensure that pleasure is longer lasting care in your intimate areas.

Panthenol is an organic substance made from pantothenic acid, known for its Provitamin B5, to treat skin and mucous membranes.  Boosted with anti-inflammatory and regenerating effects to promote the development of new skin cells.

The super regenerating panthenol enriched. Dermatologically tested and compatible with latex condoms.

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Premium. water-based personal lubricant. Long-lasting personal lubricant with nurturing. regenerative panthenol.

Details: Water -Based lubrication enriched with regenerating panthenol
Ingredients: Panthenic acid, Vitamin B, Camomile
Size: 30ml or 100ml or 250ml

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100ML, 2ML


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