Shunga Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss


Discover the art of intense and divine oral pleasure with Shunga’s Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss.



This pleasure lip gloss is designed to sensitize and excite and provides a 3-in-1 cooling, warming, and tingling sensation designed to stimulate both the woman and man’s intimate areas through oral play.

Apply a small amount to your lips using the gloss-designed lip applicator and gently run your lips over his/her intimate spots. Allow the gel to take effect and experience an intense warming-cooling effect that increases your stimulation and heightens your senses and nerve endings – allowing for a completely different orgasmic experience.

Intensify your oral play, with Shunga’s enhancing pleasure gloss.

3-in-1 Warming, cooling, and tingling lip gloss designed to enhance oral sex
Increases sensitivity to the intimate area
Designed to sensitize and excite both men and women
Perfect for use on both him and her
100% body-safe
Luxurious texture

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