Shunga Geisha’s Secret Collection Gift Set


The secret arts of Japan’s renowned geishas made them sought-after lovers.

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The Geisha’s Secrets Collection from Shunga lets you in on some of these secrets and features 5 of their most popular products featuring alluring aphrodisiac properties. This set contains a beautifully scented Exotic Massage Oil, Warming Aphrodisia Oil, Mini-Massage Candle, Personal Lubricant, and a Sensitizing Gel for Lovers.

Organica Massage Oil (10ml):
100% certified organic ingredients
100% natural cold-pressed oils
Luscious oil that heats up when applied to the skin – perfect for sensual massage

Warming Aphrodisia Oil (10ml):
100% certified organic ingredients
Delicious exotic flavour
Perfect for use on the erogenous zones
Breath-activated warming effect
Organic edible warming oil created to excite erogenous zones

Mini-Massage Candle (30ml):
Soy Based candle
7 hour burn time
Pour melted body-safe, temperature-regulated, wax into the palm of the hand and apply to the body

Personal Lubricant (10ml):
Water-based lubricant
Made with pure vegetable glycerin
Silky-smooth texture
Ultra long-lasting
Safe to use with toys
The delicate texture and endless sensual lubrication

Lotus Noir Sensitising Gel (7ml):
The water-based gel helps to increase clitoral and penis sensitivity
Enhances lubrication
Latex safe
External sensitizing gel designed to intensify the female and male orgasm.

Shunga Aphrodisiac Gift Set
Kissable massage oil
Mini-massage candle
Warming aphrodisiac oil
Toko Organica personal lubricant
Lotus Noir sensitizing gel

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