Truth or Dare Key Party


Remember playing truth or dare as kid? Prove yourself as an adult that you’re not afraid to perform a dare. This Truth or Dare Game comes with a clear plastic bowl and (15) truth’s which are silver and (15) dares key that are gold.

The game plays the same as the original game except one thing the truths and dares are printed on the keys, instead of having to be thought up. Each player picks a key from the bowl and reads it out loud to everyone then does the task on the card. The game also comes with a rule book to keep everyone in check.

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Product Features

  • Players take turns drawing a key from the bowl. Silver keys are “truth” keys and Gold keys are “dare” keys. Read aloud the key and answer or act out what it says.
  • Includes: fifteen (15) silver keys, fifteen (15) gold keys, one (1) plastic bowl, one (1) set of game rules
  • One (1) game set per package