Fifty Days of Play card game


Fifty Days of Play is the sultry and tantalising game strictly for adults who live on the edge of naughtiness!

The game consists of 50 envelopes of pleasurable and intimate adventures that you and your partner can participate in. The 50 envelopes are split into 5 different levels, ranging from practically virginal to full-blown kinkiness.

With 10 different romantic gestures, scenarios and surprises on each level, there’s enough to keep you entertained for the foreseeable future! Take it in turns to roll the dice to see which level you end up on! We warn you this is not for the faint-hearted, so the question is, are you up for the challenge?

This game offers you the following levels:

  • 10 x Virginal White Envelopes that have Tender and romantic options.
  • 10 x Vanilla Envelopes that have Teasing tasters.
  • 10 x Grey Envelopes that have Arousing adventures.
  • 10 x Darker Envelopes that have sensual activities.
  • 10 x Black Envelopes that have Kinky and naughty options.


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  • Indulge in 50 tantalising shades of naughtiness
  • With 50 invitations for pleasurable adventures
  • 10 secret envelopes at each of the 5 levels
  • 50 Days of Play is packed with intimate and romantic gestures


15.00cm (L) x 21.00cm (W) x 5.20cm (D)


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