Shunga Massage Candle 170 ml – Choose Fragrance


Stimulate and soothe yourself and your lover in a unique way with a deliciously scented Massage Candle from Shunga.



SHUNGA Massage Candle provide ambiance with a romantic touch! The key to experiencing the ultimate erotic massage is with these Shunga Mini Massage Candles.
The luscious oil that melts from the candle has aphrodisiac properties which will send you into sensual bliss as your partner drips warm and comforting oil all over your body.

This sexy Shunga massage candle is a great way to create intimate arousal between you and your partner.

The candle’s wax is specially formulated to melt at a lower temperature, so it can be used for erotic massage without burning your skin.

The feeling of warm wax being poured over your body and then slowly massaged all over…Ah, bliss!

The soft, silky feel of the glowing wax on your skin, together with your lover’s caress will create a sensual massage you will never forget.

100% natural oils
Produces a lukewarm oil at the touch
Leaves skin soft and silky
Burns for up to 40 hours
Won’t clog pores

Light the candle and let it burn for about 20 minutes. Extinguish the flame and pour a small quantity in the palm of your hand. Apply freely all over the body for a sensual massage.

Fragrances:(subject to availability)

Rose Petals
Vanilla Fetish
Exotic Fruits

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